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TechniX Technologies Ltd derives expertise from a team of experienced consultants who have been leaders in serving the private and public sector and actively engaged with clients in the NGO and for-profit sectors, combining global consistency with service that is attuned to the local marketplace.

We offer skilled resources experienced in the issues, challenges, and risks unique to different organizations. Our practitioners utilize methodologies and tool kits that enable standardized working practices while allowing them the opportunity to learn from others, regardless of their location.Our approach is commercial, practical and efficient; working with our clients to solve the most complex of issues.

High performing professionals cutting through complexity

Our people are specialists and the best at what they do. We apply deep market knowledge and expertise in consultancy and advisory services to distinguish the relevant and important from the complex and the unnecessary.

Our Advisory and Consultancy practice – impartiality and a value adding, innovative spirit

Our Advisory and Consultancy team works with clients to tackle their most complex challenges. Combining our wide range of specialist skills, we provide objective advice and assist clients with the execution of their agreed strategies to help address their issues and realize their opportunities.In today’s business environment, businesses are continuously growing, expanding, restructuring and refining themselves. Making the right decisions at the right time is essential to achieving optimal benefits while mitigating risks. At TechniX, we aim to understand our clients’ broader needs, deliver exceptional well informed advice and integrate our expertise into viable,relevant, practical end-to-end solutions for implementation

Our Practices

  • IT Project Quality Assurance
  • System Testing Services

  • IT Outsourcing

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • System Implementations

  • IT Strategy and Performance

  • Project Management

We address challenges in:​

Assisting with improving efficiency and capacity for growth​

Working closely with our clients as they expand and restructure, either through acquisitions or organically