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Understanding Web Hosting


This is just to clarify the difference when it comes to Domain Name, and Domain Name hosting(Web Hosting) Web hosting is basically renting server space and bandwidth through a company so that you are able to put your web site and all its contents online. The difference in price(rental) is usually determined by the amount [...]

Understanding Web Hosting2015-01-19T08:24:16+00:00

How to guarantee Website listing on all Search Engines


What actually happens is that your website will be submitted to various search engines by our SEO specialists. These engines include four of the major ones i.e Yahoo! Bing, Google and AON. We do this for both static and dynamic kind of websites.

How to guarantee Website listing on all Search Engines2015-01-03T19:13:17+00:00

Social Media and E-Commerce


Lets take a look at ways you can use social media to increase your eCommerce Return Of Investments. Here at TechniX Technologies we have a few ways. Let us share and expound on one: Social Login There’s a lot you can learn about your site’s visitors. But you can learn even more if you can [...]

Social Media and E-Commerce2017-02-04T12:32:21+00:00